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About us

We were already working for you 400 years ago.

Since the moment this immense solid material was only a delicate sapling. We are only using high quality woods with unrepeatable shapes while we are diligently trying to have minimal intervention and we depend thoroughly on the Creator - the nature.

Our furniture is unique and handmade. We only use high quality stains for coloring and emphasizing on the natural beauty of the wood, lacquers and oils. Upon clients' wish our furniture can be used for interior, exterior or damp areas, then they will be treated with appropriate for the purpose lacquers, oils and resins.

We are working in the field of design and furnishing of restaurants, hotels, SPA centres, disco and dance clubs, night clubs, offices, fair stands, private houses and hunting lounges.

We have a great number of realized projects in United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, USA and Bulgaria. We are happy to deliver aesthetic delight and pleasure to our dear customers.


    Desart Ltd. Founder                                 Chief Carpenter

    Peter Bajlekov                                           Atanas Cvetkov